Allied Soldiers Explore Hitler’s Eagles Nest 1945

The Eagle’s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus, is an Alpine building high on the Kehlstein mountain. Despite popular myth it was never the home of Adolf Hitler but was built for Hitler’s 50th Birthday in 1937 although it was not officially presented to him until April 1939. Hitler used it on several occasions and was photographed here. In 1945 the American forces reached this area and many Allied soldiers took the journey up to see the Eagle’s Nest.

Access to it is via a narrow road. This was heavily guarded during WW2 but in 1945 Allied soldiers could travel up in a Jeep.

Travelling up to the Eagle’s Nest

Part way up you reach a plateau where the entrance to a private lift takes you the final part of the journey up to the Eagle’s Nest itself.

Entrance to the Eagle’s Nest Lift 1945.

Once inside the Eagle’s Nest Allied troops could explore the dining area.

Eagle’s Nest Dining Area 1945.

Or they could relax by the fire, no doubt thinking they were lounging in the same comfortable chairs as high ranking Nazis had once done. The fireplace here was a gift from Mussolini.

Fireplace at Eagle’s Nest 1945.

Most preferred to look around the site and explore the gallery and outside.

Allied soldiers explore the Eagle’s Nest in 1945.
Allied soldiers at the Eagle’s Nest 1945.

Today the Eagle’s Nest can be visited and tours of the site can be arranged, or you can chose to travel with a Battlefield Tour Operator such as Leger Holidays.

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